I’m Christina, a Roman archaeologist living in southern England. My plan is to use a section of my allotment plot to create an ancient Roman kitchen garden. I’ll be growing only fruit and vegetables familiar to the Romans using the techniques and tools known from their literature and archaeology. This experiment is purely to satisfy my own personal curiosity about this (currently unknown to me) aspect of ancient Roman life and to improve my understanding of fruit and veg growing. I’m chronicling my project on this blog, because there’s no better way to understand a new subject than to have to explain what you’re learning to others. Hopefully you will enjoy learning along with me or, at the very least, be entertained by my antics.

My Gardening History

In October 2014, I became the owner of an allotment. The most experience I had with gardening at that point involved a few house plants. Except for the kraken plant (i.e. a hoya kerii plant from IKEA which is indestructible and has now taken over my living room), all my house plants have died a sad death. Why I thought I’d be any good at growing fruit and veg, I have no idea. But I took a chance and here we are. In my year and a half of working my allotment, I’ve learned that (1) I am not the kiss of death for all plant life, (2) being an archaeologist has prepared me well for gardening work, and (3) I like this whole gardening thing when I get to eat the fruits of my labour.

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